VM Limo- Application

Pre-order your important taxi transports with the VM Limo application at fixed prices!

VM Limo application

Why the VM Limo app?

  • An easy-to-use ordering platform that works on a browser-based or mobile device. You can find the VM Limo mobile app in the app store.

  • A convenient and fast way to pre-order reliable and high-quality transport for your important trips.

  • A text message confirming the acceptance of the transport as soon as we have arranged a driver for you.

  • Fixed price for transportation. You always know in advance what your transport will cost, and the price of the transport does not change according to congestion situations.

  • Summary of transport information to e-mail.

  • A touch of everyday luxury for your travel.

  • We operate with a limited number of cars, and we do not have the capacity to handle acute transport needs.

About the use of the application

The VM Limo application can be downloaded in application stores.

Just a reminder: We operate with a limited number of cars, so pre-orders for transport through us should be made well in advance in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time. Please order your morning transportation needs no later than 8 pm the night before.

If the need for transportation is less than 4 hours away, please always call 050 477 3777. If we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible. In urgent matters, please also send a text message to speed up contact. We are not responsible for the availability of transport if the order comes a few hours before the need for transport, of course we always try our best to serve you even in your acute transport needs.

To place an order, we recommend a browser-based ordering platform, which can also be downloaded as a mobile application. The order is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation message from the driver by phone.

If you need to make changes to the order, please send a message via phone.
We do not guarantee answering the phone or calling you back at night.

If you are looking for security for your important trips, welcome to try our service. We are here, for you.

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