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Taxi service for those who want comfort.

VM Limo is a modern taxi service based on pre-orders in Uusimaa. Our service is perfect for you when you want to be sure of high-quality ride. Our drivers are carefully selected chauffeur service professionals who also have experience in various representative driving tasks. Our goal is to make traveling as easy as possible for you and to offer your trip a touch of unobtrusive everyday luxury.

We serve you from more traditional taxi trips to more representative transportation needs. Whether it's a trip to the airport or a public event, transportation of company staff or company guests, transportation that crowns the party or some other trip that's important to you, we'll be happy to help you with your transportation needs so that your movement is as effortless as possible.

Our high-quality vehicles have been selected listening to your wishes. We primarily handle your rides with environmentally friendly Bmw 7 series executive cars. In equipping the vehicles, special attention has been paid to travel comfort and safety. We strive to create the best possible framework for leisurely travel.

We operate under taxi licenses with professional transport insurance. All our drivers are approved by the authorities. We generally apply fixed pre-agreed prices for transport, which are based on the consumer prices of the country-wide Valopilkku.

The most convenient way to order our order platform through, which works as a browser-based or downloaded mobile application. You can find the VM Limo application in your phone's application store For Apple, and For Android. If the need for transport is acute, please always call by phone. We operate with a limited number of cars, so ordering transportation should be done well in advance in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time. Please order the morning transports by 20:00 the night before at the latest.

Whether you are representing a company on a business trip or yourself on your way to an important occasion, we at VM Limo welcome you to enjoy our services!

What do you want from a taxi service?

We promise a high-level transport service.

  • Certainty and ease of travel.

  • Punctual and safe chauffeur service.

  • Travel-friendly setting so you can relax during the trip.

  • Professional drivers, our drivers also have experience in various representative driving tasks.

  • Responsible operation. Our drivers are approved by the authorities and we have the necessary permits and comprehensive insurance for passenger transport.

  • Fixed price transportation. You always know in advance what your transport will cost.

  • Flexible service. The price always includes a 10-minute waiting time at the departure address.

  • At the airport, we wait for you for free 45 minutes after your flight lands, so you don't have to worry if your flight is late or there is a queue for passport control.

  • An order platform that works in browser-based or mobile. You can find the VM Limo mobile app in the app store.

  • A touch of everyday luxury for your travel.

  • We operate with a limited number of cars, and we do not have the capacity to handle acute transport needs. Please order your ride in good time ahead.

Premium taxi service in Uusimaa

The main areas of our business are transportation to the airport, where we serve the entire Uusimaa area and, if necessary, also those traveling further afield. If you wish, we will also take care of your return transport from the airport or Helsinki back to the place of departure. For other transport needs, central and eastern Uusimaa have been selected as our main areas. Read about locality-specific taxi services below:

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Reliable Finnish service!

We are a 100% Finnish Key Flag service, in addition to that we are also a member company of the taxi association, which has the necessary permits and insurances for chauffeur service.


VM Limo is an operator specializing in premium taxi services in Uusimaa. We offer you a more comfortable way to travel your important journeys. Aboard a luxury vehicle, you can travel comfortably both in everyday life and at parties.


We serve you with advance orders and fixed prices. Our price level is slightly higher than the market leader, all in all we offer a good price-quality ratio and a touch of discreet everyday luxury for your journey.


  • Punctual and safe transport

  • High-quality framework for your trip

  • Fixed-price transport, congestion does not affect the price.

  • Responsible operation. We take care of social obligations.

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