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Here on the blog, we go over our activities more comprehensively, we present our services, we tell you what we think you should consider when choosing transport services, we go over the general issues of the industry and everything that comes to mind, so that you can stay on the map of what VM Limo is doing. If you have feedback or development ideas, please contact us here. We are happy to listen and do our best. Worthwhile reading moments!

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VM Limo is an operator specializing in passenger transport in Uusimaa. We offer you a more comfortable way to travel your important journeys. Aboard a luxury vehicle, you can travel comfortably both in everyday life and at parties.


We serve you with advance orders and fixed prices. Our price level is slightly higher than the market leader, all in all we offer a good price-quality ratio and a touch of discreet everyday luxury for your journey.


  • Punctual and safe transport

  • High-quality framework for your trip

  • Fixed-price transport, congestion does not affect the price.

  • Responsible operation. We take care of social obligations.

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