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A more representative wedding car


Bmw 7 series executive car for wedding events

bmw 7 series representation sedan
The bride and groom in the wedding car

First steps of marriage in style

Executive class transportation is a stylish way to travel the first few meters of marriage. Our BMW 7-series Lang model luxury vehicles are perfectly suited for wedding transport. You can choose from a stylish dark brown interior or a lighter option.

Transportation of the bride and groom with the dignity they demand

Let us help you when you need representative transport service for your celebration. At VM Limo, we want your important day to be a success. Professional drivers dressed in dark suits crown a first-class charter driving experience.

About the wedding day

The celebration includes a lot of preparation and a running program. A well-planned day will help make the celebration a success. Many people think the wedding transportation is just the export of the bridal couple from the church to the party venue, but the wedding day has different transportation needs from the morning to the late evening and even the early morning transportation to the airport.

You will surely have more to think about during your important day, leave the transport services to us. We know from experience that a well-prepared day contributes to a successful celebration.

Sipoo church wedding transport

A car as part of a wedding photoshoot

car as part of a wedding shoot

Using a wedding car as one element in wedding photography is popular. Our wedding car provides a wonderful background for your photos and helps convey the precious atmosphere of the event. The wedding car can be photographed, for example, in front of a church or wedding venue, or in a romantic landscape, for example by a lake.

We have automatically reserved time and an option for wedding photography for each wedding transport.

Different options depending on the transport need

A short formula

Includes transport from the church to the party venue, depending on your wish through the description.


In addition to the church - the place of celebration, transportation can include, for example:

    • Taking the bride to the hairdresser before the party
    • Picking up flowers for the party

After the party

  • Transportation from the party venue home or to the hotel
  • The next morning, transfer to the airport

Additional services

  • Organizing a wedding photographer through us.

What does the transportation of the bride and groom cost?

Wedding car with driver

Short formula from €250

  • The transport will be customized according to your wishes

We want your important day to be successful

Let us help you with your transportation needs when a special event needs to be crowned in the form of transportation. At VM Limo, we want your important day to be a success. Our luxury vehicles can be booked from 2 hours onwards, even for the whole day.

Area of operation of wedding transport

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