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Professional drivers

Professional drivers with long experience guarantee a high-quality journey, punctually and safely. The drivers also have experience in various representative driving tasks.

High quality vehicles

Our fleet has been selected based on your wishes, we have paid particular attention to travel comfort.


We are a domestic operator that has the appropriate permits and insurances to operate professional transport.

Transparent pricing

Pre-ordering is done through our convenient ordering platform. When you order, you always know in advance what your transport will cost.

bmw 7 series representation sedan
BMW 7 Series passenger compartment

Premium taxi services for those who want comfort in Hyrylä, Jokela and Kellokoski

Our goal is to create a high-quality framework and make your journey as effortless as possible. In addition to punctuality, investing in travel comfort creates a solid foundation for our operations, on which to build. Customer satisfaction is our priority. With a professional driver and a representative-class vehicle, you will travel comfortably, both on a daily basis and on festive occasions. We operate in Hyrylä, Jokela and Kellokoski areas primarily through pre-orders.

First-class chauffeur services

Our vehicles are also perfectly suited for more representative chauffeur service purposes, such as wedding transportation for the bride and groom, transportation of VIP guests or various event transportation. In addition to that, we have experience with delegations and high security classification rides. When an important day needs to be crowned in the form of transportation, turn to us.

pre-order at 5 o'clock

About pre-orders

Especially the early morning transports should be ordered well in advance, at the latest by 20:00 the night before in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time.

If the need for transportation is less than 4 hours away, please always call +358 50 477 3777, if we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible.

To place an order, we recommend the order platform. The order is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation message from the driver by phone.


Note! The region-specific prices are indicative. You can get the exact address-specific price when placing an order.

Tuusula - Airport

50 - 99 € / one way

  • From Hyrylä 50 - 60€
  • From Jokela 85 - 95€
  • From Kellokoski 90 - 100€

Tuusula - Helsinki

80 - 120 € / one way

  • Hyrylä - Helsinki 80-90€
  • Jokela - Helsinki 110-120€
  • Kellokoski - Helsinki €110-120

To the airport

The distance from Hyrylä to the airport is about 15 km and it takes about 20 minutes, from Jokela and Kellokoski the driving distance is about 33 km and it is good to reserve about 35 minutes for the trip.

  • When picking up from the airport to Tuusula, the transport includes a 45-minute wait for the flight to land.

From the South Tuusula / Hyrylä area transport prices to the airport:

    • From Ruotsinkylä 48€
    • From Riihikallio 47€
    • From Hyrylä 54€
    • From Mattila 60€
    • From Tuomala 63€
    • From Lahela 55€
    • From Nahkela 59€
    • From Rusutjärvi 61€
    • From Siippoo 66€
    • From Paijala 59€
    • From Ruskela 67€
    • From Kolistimenmäki 63€
    • From Jäniksenlinna 75€

From Pohjois-Tuusula / Jokela and Kellokoski area transport prices to the airport:

    • From Jokela 92€
    • From Nuppulinna 87€
    • From Purola 87€
    • From Kellokoski 92€
    • From Linjamäki 94€

to Helsinki

The distance from Hyrylä to the center of Helsinki is about 35 km and the journey takes about 40 minutes, from Jokela and Kellokoski the driving distance is about 45 km and it is good to reserve 50 minutes.

From the South Tuusula / Hyrylä area transport prices to Helsinki:

    • From the road village 84€
    • From Ruotsinkylä 76€
    • From Riihikallio 75€
    • From Hyrylä 82€
    • From Mattila 89€
    • From Tuomala 92€
    • From Lahela 84€
    • From Nahkela 85€
    • From Rusutjärvi 89€
    • From Siippoo 94€
    • From Paijala 87€
    • From Ruskela 95€
    • From Kolistimenmäki 91€
    • From Jäniksenlinna 103€

From Pohjois-Tuusula / Jokela and Kellokoski area transport prices to Helsinki:

    • From Jokela 120€
    • From Nuppulinna 115€
    • From Purola 115€
    • From Kellokoski 119€
    • From Linjamäki 125€

Price examples

From the Hyrylä area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 85€
    • To Pasila (to the station or Messukeskus) 75€
    • To the West Terminal 96€
    • Katajanokka 90€
    • To the Olympic terminal 93€
  • Espoo
    • Leppävaara 75€
    • Keilaniemi 88€
    • Jorvi Hospital 94€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 52€
    • To the airport 50€
  • Hyvinkää
    • To the center of Hyvinkää 86€
    • Hyvinkää hospital 86€
  • To Järvenpää
    • To the center 35€
  • To Kerava
    • To the station 35€
  • To Sipoo
    • To Nikkilä 60€

From the Jokela area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 127€
    • To Pasila (station or exhibition center) 115€
    • To the West Terminal 140€
    • Katajanokka 130€
    • To Olympic Terminal 133€
  • Espoo
    • Keilaniemi 128€
    • Jorvi Hospital 135€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 92€
    • To the airport 90€
  • Hyvinkää
    • To the center of Hyvinkää 40€
    • Hyvinkää hospital 45€

From the Kellokoski area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 118€
    • To Pasila (station or exhibition center) 111€
    • To the West Terminal 130€
    • Katajanokka 121€
    • To the Olympic terminal 125€
  • Espoo
    • Alder danger 118€
    • Keilaniemi 132€
    • to Jorvi Hospital 138€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 87€
    • To the airport 93€
  • Hyvinkää
    • To the center of Hyvinkää 63€
    • Hyvinkää hospital 67€

Whether you are representing a company on a business trip or yourself on your way to an important event, we welcome you to enjoy our services!

Download the VM Limo app

The easiest way to order a high-quality chauffeur service in advance in Hyrylä, Jokela and Kellokoski is the VM Limo mobile application.

Do you need transportation to Tuusula?

The people of Tuusula

In the capital region, finding a suitable transport in the taxi queues can be frustrating at times, especially at the end of a long working day, it's hard to compare who you dare to hop on. As long as we know about the need for transportation in advance, we will be happy to pick you up back in Tuusula. You save on drawing lots with common taxi queues and you don't have to worry about how the journey will go, but with Takuu you get high-quality transport and get home safely.

You can also conveniently arrange return ride in connection with the export. When picking up from the airport, the flight number is important so that we can schedule the pick-up time correctly.

People who visit for work

Companies that are commonly visited:

Meira Nova
Address: Palkkitie 10

Create Oy
Address: Harakaari 42

KaVo Kerr Group
Address: Nahkelantie 160
Formerly Palodex.

Address: Pakkasraitti 8

Accommodation: In Tuusula, in the Hyrylä area, within easy reach of the airport and Tikkurila train station, there is Gustavelund and Krapin Hotelli. Many use these when staying on business trips. Through us you can arrange transportation to hotels.

Hotel Krapi
Address: Rantatie 2

Address: Kirkkotie 36

for leisure travelers

On your way to Tuusula in your spare time?

Are you on your way to spend the evening in Tuusula and wondering where to find proper transportation?

Music: You may need transportation to the concerts organized at Krapi's workshop in the summer.

Party facilities: There are several party spaces in the Tuusula area where parties can be organized. On the way to celebrate anniversaries or weddings, it is often smarter to order transport than to drive your own car. Krapin Onnela, Kellokoski Tangotehdas and Villa Tammikko are examples of such places.

Hyrylä area

Jokela and Kellokoski area

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