Order a quality taxi to the airport

Take a trip in first class!

Order a quality taxi to the airport

Take a trip in first class!

Are you on your way to the airport and looking for a reliable taxi? Whether it's an early morning departure to the airport or a late evening pickup from the airport, we're here for you when you need assurance for important airport transportation. Whether you're representing a company on a business trip or yourself on a vacation trip, order your transportation from us in advance and set off in first class!

Why choose us?

Get there more comfortably

We offer punctual and safe transport with high-quality vehicles. We strive to make traveling as easy as possible for you. We are especially popular with commuters.

Transparent pricing

Pre-ordering is done through our convenient ordering platform. When you order, you always know in advance what your transport will cost.

Flexible service

When picking you up from the airport, we wait for you for free 45 minutes after your flight lands, so you don't have to worry if your flight is late or there is a queue for passport control.

What do customers say about us?

Hienosti hoidettu kyyditys
30.09.2022 10:26 | Antti P

VM Limo brought our foreign guests from Hki-Vantaa airport to Tampere. Airport pick-ups are always laborious due to the challenging parking arrangements, and in order to meet successfully, you have to walk towards the arrivals hall. A few last-minute filings and the driver's announcement of the delivered ride right after the trip ends work great. The passengers thanked. Maybe not the cheapest option, but you get value for the price tag.

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Note! The region-specific prices are indicative. You can get the exact address-specific price when placing an order.

To the airport

Area-specific indicative prices for the airport:

Monninkylä: €135

City center: €120

City center: €73
Haarajoki: €82
Nummenkylä: 85€

City center: €65
Clay: €60

City center: €120
Hyökännummi: €95

Klaukkala: €70
Kirkonkylä: €83
Rajamäki: €100
Röykkä: €95

Halkia: €105
Kirkonkylä: €105
Laukkoski: €95

City center: €120

Nikkilä: €72
Söderkulla: €72

Hyrylä: €55
Jokela: €88
Kellokoski: €93

Download the VM Limo app

Download the VM Limo mobile app from your app store and order important Airport transfers well in advance.

Taxi from the airport

Also order return ride in advance!

If you wish, we will meet you after your flight lands. You'll avoid extra hassle in airport taxi queues and you'll be able to relax in a familiar and safe ride on the way back. All airport pickups include 45 minutes of free waiting for your flight to land, so you don't have to worry if your flight is late or there's a queue at passport control. When ordering, we need a flight number so that we can track your flight in real time.

Taxi to the airport

Pick up locations from the airport

departure side of the airport

Departures side, upper platform

We have found the easiest place, especially in a quiet evening, is the upper platform of the airport, the same place where you were left going on your journey. When you enter the arrivals terminal from customs, go about 50 meters straight ahead, take the elevator or stairs up to the departures side and out the main door. The walking distance is about 100 meters.

P1 premium Park's elevator

P1 Premium parking

Another possible location is the airport's P1 Premium parking lot, which is a warm area indoors below the terminals. The walk to the P1 premium parking lot is about 20 meters along the interior spaces.

Instructions for Premium parking: When you come out to arrivals hall, immediately to the right, along the narrow corridor past the toilets to the end, left before the door and take the elevator down to the P1 premium car park.

Meet & Greet

We offer an additional meet & greet service at airport pickups, where we meet you at the arrivals hall with a name sign. The service is suitable, for example, for picking up foreign guests when the driver does not know the customer beforehand.

Meet & greet service

Meet & Greet - additional service

25€ / Pickup from the lobby

  • Pickup in the lobby with a name tag.

Reliable Finnish service!

We are a 100% Finnish Key Flag service, in addition to that we are also a member company of the taxi association, which has the necessary permits and insurances for chauffeur service.

Finnish service ID
permissions are fine
The taxi association's permits are fine


VM Limo is an operator specializing in passenger transport in Uusimaa. We offer you a more comfortable way to travel your important journeys. Aboard a luxury vehicle, you can travel comfortably both in everyday life and at parties.


We serve you with advance orders and fixed prices. Our price level is slightly higher than the market leader, all in all we offer a good price-quality ratio and a touch of discreet everyday luxury for your journey.


  • Punctual and safe transport

  • High-quality framework for your trip

  • Fixed-price transport, congestion does not affect the price.

  • Responsible operation. We take care of social obligations.

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