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Are you on your way to the airport and looking for a reliable taxi? Whether it's an early morning departure to the airport or a late evening pickup from the airport, we're here for you when you need assurance for important airport transportation. Whether you're representing a company on a business trip or yourself on a vacation trip, order your transportation from us in advance and set off in first class!


Our purpose is to make traveling as easy as possible for you. Transports of 1-3 people are primarily carried out with low-emission BMW 7-series Lang models. In equipping the vehicles, special attention has been paid to travel comfort and safety. We act customer-oriented, striving to create the best possible framework for leisurely travel. Why not make your important journeys more comfortable?

If our own vehicles are reserved for other transport needs or you need transport for a larger group, we can ask for help from an extensive cooperation network. The fleet can be found from business sedans to the transportation needs of larger groups.

What do you want from a taxi service?

  • Certainty and ease of travel.

  • Punctual and safe chauffeur service.

  • Executive class travel comfort so you can relax during the trip.

  • Professional drivers, our drivers also have experience in various representative driving tasks.

  • Responsible operation. We have the necessary official permits and comprehensive insurances for operating chauffeur service.

  • Our drivers are of course passenger transport drivers approved by the authorities.

  • Fixed price transportation. You always know in advance what your transport will cost.

  • Flexible service. The price always includes a 10-minute waiting time at the departure address.

  • At the airport, we wait for you for free 45 minutes after your flight lands, so you don't have to worry if your flight is late or there is a queue for passport control.

  • An order platform that works in browser-based or mobile. You can find the VM Limo mobile app in the app store.

  • A touch of everyday luxury for your travel.

  • We operate with a limited number of cars. We do not have the capacity to handle acute transport needs. Orders should be placed well in advance.

Download the VM Limo mobile application to your phone

Download the VM Limo mobile app from your app store and Pre-order a high-quality taxi for your important airport trips.

Also order return shipping in advance!

If you wish, we will meet you after your flight lands. You'll avoid extra hassle in airport taxi queues and you'll be able to relax in a familiar and safe ride on the way back. All airport pickups include 45 minutes of free waiting for your flight to land, so you don't have to worry if your flight is late or there's a queue at passport control. When ordering, we need a flight number so that we can track your flight in real time.

Taxi to the airport

What do people say about us?

Tilausajot.net reviews 5 / 5

Finely Hidead transportation
30.09.2022 10:26 | Antti P

VM Limo brought our foreign guests from Hki-Vantaa airport to Tampere. Airport pick-ups are always laborious due to the challenging parking arrangements, and in order to meet successfully, you have to walk towards the arrivals hall. A few last-minute filings and the driver's announcement of the delivered ride right after the trip ends work great. The passengers thanked. Maybe not the cheapest option, but you get value for the price tag.

5 / 5
Condition and cleanliness of the vehicle
Service orientation of the driver
Driver's driving style
The smoothness of the driving arrangement
Communication and punctuality

Frequently asked Questions

Search locations when picking up from the airport

Departures side, upper platform

Taxi to the airport

We have found the easiest place to search, especially in a quiet evening, is the upper platform of the airport, the same place where you were left when you were taken away. When you enter the arrivals terminal from customs, about 50 meters straight ahead, take the elevator or up the stairs and out the main door. The walking distance is about 100 meters.

The pre-ordered car area of the taxi station

pre-ordered area

The area for pre-ordered cars at the airport taxi stand is on the same level as the arriving planes. When coming from customs, follow the taxi station signs to find your destination. When you get out of the door and see 4 queues in front of you, go to the left by the wall, we will be waiting for you behind the queues, in the separately marked pre-ordered car spots. When picking up from the area of pre-ordered cars, the car will only come to the area when you receive your luggage. Send us a message when you receive the luggage at 050 477 3777, after which the car will leave for the pick-up location nearby.

From the parking lot on the side of the Scandic hotel

Scandic parking lot

The Scandic hotel parking lot is a much quieter area. When coming out of customs, immediately to the right, a small corridor past the toilets, out the door. In front of you you can see the area for buses, from the wall you can reach the front of the hotel Scandic, a walk of about 200 meters.

Meet&Greet service

The fourth option is the €25 meet&greet additional service, where we leave the car in the paid parking lot and meet you in the entrance hall with a sign. The service is suitable, for example, for picking up foreign guests when the driver does not know the customer beforehand.

Our cars are low-emission sedan-style hybrids, the luggage space in the cars is limited. The trunk of the car can fit 2 large suitcases. Depending on the number of passengers, one bag can be taken inside.

Bmw 7 series passenger cars are designed for two rear passengers. In the back, there are electrically adjustable individual seats on the edge seats and in the middle there are armrests. We recommend a maximum of 2-3 passengers in our cars to maintain travel comfort.

If there are more than 3 people or you have large amounts of luggage, we recommend a minivan. We don't have any minivans in our fleet so far, but from the cooperation network we can get cars for the transportation needs of larger groups, from 1+6 seats up to 16-passenger minibuses. Let us know when ordering, we can arrange a suitable car for you. Transportation for larger groups should be ordered a little earlier than trips for 2-3 people, because we have to ask our colleagues for help.

When necessary, we carry out transports to Helsinki-Vantaa airport from anywhere in Finland. Our main operating areas are Central and Eastern Uusimaa and the PK region

Price estimates from Uusimaa:

  •  Askolasta
    • 150€ from Church Village
    • From Monninkylä 120-135€
  • From Espoo
    • From €75
  • From Helsinki
    • From €75
  • From Hyvinkää
    • From the center €115
  • From Järvenpää
    • Cross country €68-72
    • From the center €72-78
    • From Haarajoki 80-90€
  • Kerava
    • From the center €60-65
    • From Savio €55-60
  • From Mäntsälä
    • 90-105€ from Hyokännummi
    • From the center €110-125
  • From Nurmijärvi
    • Klaukkala €75-85
    • From Kirkonkylä 80-90€
    • From Rajamäki €95-105
    • From €87-95
  • Pornaisista
    • From Halki 95-105€
    • From the center €95-105
    • Bag from €95-100
  • Porvoo
    • From the center €120
  • Sipoo
    • From Nikkilä 70-75€
    • From Söderkulla 75-83€
  • About Tuusula
    • From Hyryl €55-65
    • Jokela €85-95
    • From Kellokoski €92-102

By ordering your transport through us we promise:

  • Certainty and ease of travel.
  • Punctual and safe chauffeur service.
  • Executive class travel comfort so you can relax during the trip.
  • Fixed price. The price of the chauffeur service does not vary depending on the traffic situation or the route being driven.
  • Flexible service. The price always includes a 15-minute waiting time at the departure address, so you don't have to rush
  • We will wait for you at the airport for free 45 minutes after your flight lands, so you don't have to worry if your flight is late or there is a queue for passport control.
  • For a low-emission vehicle, our fleet meets EURO 6 emission ratings. The CO2 emission values of cars are 55g / km.
  • If you wish, the cab hood can be used or not used during transport. (Note! It is not possible to use public transport lanes if the hood is not used)
  • Socially responsible service. We take care of our obligations and we have the necessary official permits and comprehensive insurances for operating passenger transport.
  • Customer-oriented operations. Do you have any special requests regarding transportation? We will be happy to listen and strive to meet your transportation needs.

Warranty. Since we are not the cheapest operator on the market, we always give a fair guarantee for the transport. If you are not satisfied with the transport, we will reimburse you for the difference between our price and the market leader of taxi services for the trip in question. If you don't like the service after trying it, you can always switch back to the old one.

We still recommend trying our transport service. We want to make traveling as easy as possible for you. By ordering your transport through us, you know exactly what you will get.

In addition to cash, our cars accept bank cards, Visa Electron and Maestro cards as well as the most common international credit cards, such as Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Eurocard.

We have an online invoicing option for company transport. Ask about company invoicing in more detail at [email protected]


VM Limo is an operator specializing in passenger transport in Uusimaa. We offer you a more comfortable way to travel your important journeys. Aboard a luxury vehicle, you can travel comfortably both in everyday life and at parties.


We serve you with advance orders and fixed prices. Our price level is slightly higher than the market leader, all in all we offer a good price-quality ratio and a touch of discreet everyday luxury for your journey.


  • Punctual and safe transport

  • High-quality framework for your trip

  • Fixed-price transport, congestion does not affect the price.

  • Responsible operation. We take care of social obligations.

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