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Why choose VM Limo?

  • When ordering in advance, you can always count on punctual and safe transport.

  • Our high-quality vehicles have been selected listening to your wishes. We have paid particular attention to travel comfort.

  • Professional drivers, our drivers also have experience in various representative chauffeur tasks.

  • We act responsibly. Our drivers are approved by the authorities and we have the necessary permits and comprehensive insurance for chauffeur service.

  • Pre-ordering is convenient through our browser-based ordering platform or with the VM Limo mobile application.

  • Transparent pricing. The order platform gives you a fixed price for your ride, which does not change based on the time of day or congestion.

  • Above all, you are assured of a quality ride

  • If the vehicle you want is already reserved for another transport, we will try to arrange a replacement vehicle through our partners at your request. Traditionally, the replacement vehicle is a neat business-class vehicle such as the Mercedes E-series or the fully electric EQS.

  • We operate with a limited number of cars, and we do not have the capacity to handle acute transport needs.

  • We don't have a 24/7 duty person in the Sipoo area, so internal transport needs are challenging to organize.

bmw 7 series representation sedan
BMW 7 Series passenger compartment

Reliable taxi services in Nikkilä and Söderkulla

We are a modern premium taxi service based on pre-orders, our goal is to make traveling as easy as possible for you. In addition to punctuality, travel comfort is one of the most important values on which we build our operations. Our business in the areas of Nikkilä and Söderkulla focuses on airport transportation and trips to the Helsinki metropolitan area. High-quality vehicles and our professional drivers guarantee travel comfort, both in everyday life and at parties.

First-class chauffeur services

Our vehicles are also perfectly suited for more representative chauffeur service purposes, such as wedding transportation for the bride and groom, transportation of VIP guests or various event transportation. In addition to that, we have experience with delegations and high security classification rides. When an important day needs to be crowned in the form of transportation, turn to us.

pre-order at 5 o'clock

About pre-orders

Especially the early morning transports should be ordered well in advance, at the latest by 20:00 the night before in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time.

If the need for transportation is less than 4 hours away, please always call +358 50 477 3777, if we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible.

To place an order, we recommend the order platform. The order is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation message from the driver by phone.


Note! The region-specific prices are indicative. You can get the exact address-specific price when placing an order.

Sipoo - Airport

68 - 76 € / one way

  • From Söderkulla, about €72
  • From Nikkilä, about 70€
  • From Pohjois-Paippinen 85 - 100€

Sipoo - Helsinki

80 - 100 € / one way

  • Nikkilä - Helsinki about €96
  • Söderkulla - Helsinki about 85€
  • Pohjois-Paippinen - Helsinki €105-115

To the airport

The distance from Nikkilä to the airport is about 23 km and it takes about 30 minutes, from Söderkulla the driving distance is about 27 km and it is good to reserve about 25 minutes for the trip.

  • When picking up from the airport to Sipoo, the transport includes a 45-minute wait for the flight to land.

From the area of Nikkilä transport prices to the airport:

    • From Nikkilä 72€
    • From Gesterby 82€
    • From Hindsby 74€
    • From Linnanpelto 84€
    • From Martinkylä 75€
    • From Skogsby 81€
    • From Talma 72€
    • From Etelä-Paippinen 86€
    • From Pohjois-Paippinen 89€

From the Söderkulla area transport prices to the airport:

    • from Söderkulla 72€
    • from Box 76€
    • From Eriksnäs 72€
    • From Gumbostrand 72€
    • From Kalkkiranta 86€
    • From Hangelby 73€
    • From Immersby 78€
    • From Majvik 70€
    • From Massby 70€
    • From Spjutsund 103€

to Helsinki

The distance from Nikkilä to the center of Helsinki is about 35 km and the journey takes about 45 minutes, from Söderkulla the driving distance is about 30 km and it is good to allow 45 minutes.

From the area of Nikkilä transport prices to the center of Helsinki:

    • From Nikkilä 96€
    • From Gesterby 97€
    • From Hindsby 98€
    • From Linnanpelto 107€
    • From Martinkylä 98€
    • From Skogsby 105€
    • From Talma 98€
    • From Etelä-Paippinen 110€
    • From Pohjois-Paippinen 110€

From the Söderkulla area transport prices to the center of Helsinki:

    • from Söderkulla 90€
    • from Box 90€
    • From Eriksnäs 85€
    • From Gumbostrand 86€
    • From Kalkkiranta 98€
    • From Hangelby 86€
    • From Immersby 91€
    • From Majvik 83€
    • From Massby 83€
    • From Spjutsund 115€

Price examples

From the area of Nikkilä transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 96€
    • To Pasila (to the station or Messukeskus) 89€
    • To the West Terminal 108€
    • Katajanokka 99€
    • To the Olympic terminal 103€
  • Espoo
    • Leppävaara 93€
    • Keilaniemi 109€
    • Jorvi Hospital 115€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 66€
    • To the airport 70€
  • To Porvoo
    • To the center of Porvoo 75€
    • Porvoo hospital 81€
  • To Kerava
    • To the center 60€
  • To Järvenpää 62€
  • To Pornainen
    • To Kirkonkylä 60€
  • Tuusula
    • Hyrylä 60€

From the Söderkulla area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 86€
    • To Pasila (station or exhibition center) 79€
    • To the West Terminal 98€
    • Katajanokka 89€
    • To the Olympic terminal 92€
  • Espoo
    • Leppävaara 83€
    • Keilaniemi 96€
    • Jorvi Hospital 108€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 63€
    • To the airport 70€
  • To Porvoo
    • To the center of Porvoo 67€
    • Porvoo hospital 75€

Whether you are representing a company on a business trip or yourself on your way to an important event, we welcome you to enjoy our services!

Download the VM Limo app

The most convenient way to order important rides in the Nikkilä and Söderkulla areas in advance is the VM Limo mobile application, which can be found in your app store.

Do you need transport to Sipoo?

For the people of Sipole

Especially in the taxi queues in the capital region and at the airport, finding the right transport can be frustrating at times, at the end of a long working day you wouldn't be able to draw lots and compare who you dare to hop on. By ordering transport through us, you get guaranteed quality transport and get home safely.

People who visit for work

We have transported customers e.g. to the following companies:

Inex Partners
Address: Keuksuontie 3, 04220 Kerava

Address: Kotkatie 34, 01150 Söderkulla

K Hartwall
Address: Kay Hartwallin tie 2, 01150 Söderkulla

Address: Hiekkamäentie 14, 01150 Söderkulla

Address: Massbyntie 101, 01150 Söderkulla


Joensuu Tila
Address: Joensuu raitti 58, 01150 Söderku

In addition to that, there are several hotels and places to stay on the Porvoo side.

for leisure travelers

Party venues we have taken customers to:

Purple Villa
Address: Jussaksentie 16, Nikkilä

Party expenses
Address: Vesterängintie 64-8, 01120 Västerskog

Hansas Seuratalo
Address: Söderkullantie 618

Address: Storuddintie 20, Spjutsund

Nikkilä Celebration Hall
Address: Vanha vesitorninmäki 1, Nikkilä

Public events:

Riverside Festival
Address: Söderkulla sports field, Söderkulla Koulutie 3

Nikkilä area

Söderkulla area

About the taxi service in the Sipoo area

No matter what operator you order a taxi, it is always a good idea to make an order well in advance in Sipoo. There are only few old local entrepreneurs on the move these days and they are basically stuck with school children's transportation and other pre agreed rides for a large part of the day. Ordering from large taxi companies is always more or less a game of lottery, and you will never know in advance what kind of transport experience you will get.

For the reasons mentioned above, we have wanted to create a channel where you can order quality transport without additional intermediaries.

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