High-quality taxi services in Askola and Pornainen

Taxi services in Askola and Pornais

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What do you want from a taxi service?

  • Punctual and safe chauffeur service.

  • Certainty and ease of travel.

  • Travel-friendly setting so you can relax during the trip.

  • Professional drivers who also have experience in various representative chauffeur tasks.

  • An easy-to-use ordering platform that works on a browser-based or mobile device. You can find the VM Limo mobile app in the app store.

  • You always know in advance what your ride will cost.

  • A touch of everyday luxury for your travel.

  • We operate with a limited number of cars, and we do not have the capacity to handle acute transport needs.

  • We don't have a 24-hour duty person in the Askola or Pornainen areas, so internal transport needs are challenging to organize.

Taxi services in Halkia, Kirkonkylä, Laukkoski and Askola

Our goal is to make traveling as easy as possible. Investing in travel comfort is at the center of our operations. With a representative-class vehicle and a professional driver, you will travel comfortably, both in everyday life and at parties.

Our taxi service in Pornainen and Askola is based on pre-orders.

Representative chauffeur services

In addition to the traditional taxi service and airport transfers, our vehicles are a sure choice for more representative bookings such as wedding cars, transportation of VIP guests or delegations.

pre-order at 5 o'clock

About pre-orders

Especially the early morning transports should be ordered well in advance, at the latest by 20:00 the night before in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time.

If the need for transportation is less than 4 hours away, please always call +358 50 477 3777, if we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible.

To place an order, we recommend the order platform. The order is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation message from the driver by phone.


Note! The region-specific prices are indicative. You can get the exact address-specific price when placing an order.

Pornainen - Airport

95 - 110 € / one way

  • Laukkoski 99€
  • Kirkonkylä / Halkia €105-110
  • Monninkylä €135

Pornainen - Helsinki

125 - 135 € / one way

  • Laukkoski - Helsinki about €125
  • From Kirkonkylä/Halkia about 135€
  • Monninkylä - Helsinki €145

To the airport

From the Askola area transport prices to the airport:

    • Askola 142€
    • Juornaankylä 156€
    • Korttia 155€
    • Monninkylä 133€
    • Särkijärvi 139€
    • Vahijärvi 165€

From the Pornai area transport prices to the airport:

    • Halkia 107€
    • Kirkonkylä 109€
    • Laukkoski 99€

to Helsinki

From the Askola area transport prices to the center of Helsinki:

    • Askola 157€
    • Juornaankylä 172€
    • Korttia 172€
    • Monninkylä 146€
    • Särkijärvi 155€
    • Vahijärvi 152€

From the Pornai area transport prices to the center of Helsinki:

    • Halkia 134€
    • Kirkonkylä 133€
    • Laukkoski 126€

Price examples

From the Pornainen church village area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 133€
    • To Pasila (to the station or Messukeskus) 125€
    • To the West Terminal 142€
    • Katajanokka 137€
    • To the Olympic terminal 137€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 100€
    • To the airport 109€
  • To Porvoo
    • To the center of Porvoo 78€
    • Porvoo hospital 81€
  • To Järvenpää 58€
  • To Mäntsälä 67€
  • To Sipoo
    • To Nikkilä 60€

From the Askola area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 155€
    • To Pasila (station or exhibition center) 149€
    • To the West Terminal 166€
    • Katajanokka 158€
    • To the Olympic terminal 162€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 135€
    • To the airport 142€
  • To Porvoo
    • To the center of Porvoo 65€
    • Porvoo hospital 75€

Whether you are representing a company on a business trip or yourself on your way to an important event, we welcome you to enjoy our services!

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