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Professional drivers

Professional drivers with long experience guarantee a high-quality journey, punctually and safely. The drivers also have experience in various representative driving tasks.

High quality vehicles

Our fleet has been selected based on your wishes, we have paid particular attention to travel comfort.


We are a domestic operator with permits to operate professional chauffeur service and we have duly insured our operations.

Transparent pricing

Pre-ordering is done through our convenient ordering platform. When you order, you always know in advance what your transport will cost.

bmw 7 series representation sedan
BMW 7 Series passenger compartment

Premium taxi service for those who want comfort in Järvenpää and Haarajoki

We are a chauffeur service focused on customer satisfaction. Investing in travel comfort is the cornerstone of our company. Our purpose is to make traveling as easy as possible for you. As a rule, we operate through advance orders. Professional drivers with executive-class vehicles guarantee a comfortable travel environment, both for everyday trips and for festive occasions.

First-class chauffeur services

Our cars are perfectly suited for various representative driving needs, such as wedding cars, transporting important guests or delegations. Our cars can be booked from 2 hours onwards, even for several days.

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About pre-orders

Especially the early morning rides should be ordered well in advance, at the latest by 20:00 the night before, in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time.

If the need for transportation is less than 4 hours away, please always call +358 50 477 3777, if we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible.

To place an order, we recommend the order platform. The order is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation message from the driver by phone.


Note! The region-specific prices are indicative. You can get the exact address-specific price when placing an order.

Järvenpää - Airport

70 - 85 € / one way

  • Haarajoki - Airport €80-85
  • Centrum - Airport 70-78€
  • Ristinummi - Airport €68-73

Järvenpää - Helsinki

99 - 115 € / one way

  • Haarajoki - Helsinki €105-110
  • Centrum - Helsinki €105-115
  • Ristinummi - Helsinki €99-110

To the airport

The distance from the city center to the airport is about 24 km and it would be good to reserve about 30 minutes, from Haarajoki and Nummenkylä the driving time is about 35 minutes.

From the Järvenpää region transport prices to the airport:

    • From Annankulma 80€
    • From Haarajoki 82€
    • From Jamppa 79€
    • From Kaakkola 73€
    • From Kinnari 74€
    • From Kyrölä 72€
    • From Lepola 68€
    • From Loutti 75€
    • From Nummenkylä 86€
    • From Mikonkorpi 75€
    • From Pajala 77€
    • From Peltola 81€
    • From Ristinummi 68€
    • From Saunakallio 78€
    • From Satukallio 74€
    • From Terhola 75€

to Helsinki

The distance to the center of Helsinki is about 40 km and the journey takes about 45 minutes.

Transport prices to the center of Helsinki:

    • From Annankulma 108€
    • From Haarajoki 109€
    • From Jamppa 118€
    • From Kaakkola 109€
    • From Kinnari 105€
    • From Kyrölä 99€
    • From Lepola 105€
    • From Loutti 110€
    • From Nummenkylä 112€
    • From Mikonkorpi 100€
    • From Pajala 108€
    • From Peltola 110€
    • From Ristinummi 104€
    • From Saunakallio 114€
    • From Satukallio 100€
    • From Terhola 101€

Price examples

From the downtown area transport prices:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 109€
    • To Pasila (to the station or Messukeskus) 99€
    • To the West Terminal 117€
    • Katajanokka 114€
    • To the Olympic terminal 116€
  • Espoo
    • Keilaniemi 111€
    • Jorvi Hospital 117€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 75€
    • To the airport 74€
  • Hyvinkää
    • To the center of Hyvinkää 75€
    • Hyvinkää hospital 79€
  • To Kerava 35€
  • Tuusula 35€
  • To Mäntsälä
    • To the center 72€
  • To Pornainen
    • To Kirkonkylä 58€

Whether you are representing a company on a business trip or yourself on your way to an important event, we welcome you to enjoy our services!

Download the VM Limo app

We try to make ordering as easy as possible with the VM Limo phone application, which can be downloaded from app stores.

Do you need transportation to Järvenpää?

People from Järvenpää

Especially in the taxi lines at the airport, finding the right transport can be frustrating from time to time, at the end of a long working day, you wouldn't be able to draw lots and compare whose ride you dare to hop on. By ordering ride through us, you get guaranteed quality chauffeur service and get home safely.

People who visit for work

Companies that are commonly visited:

Address: Wärtsilänkatu 100, Jamppa
Most of Valmet's operations have been moved to Tikkurila, but some operations still remain in Järvenpää.

Reinforced concrete
Address: Wärtsilänkatu 99, Jamppa
In 2018, Lujabetoni built a mega factory in the former premises of Valmet.

Mitsubishi Logisnext / Rocla
Address: Jampankatu 2, Jamppa
Formerly called Rocla, now Mitsubishi Logisnext.

Helsinki Mill
Address: Puurtajankatu 34, Nummenkylä

Accommodation in Järvenpää:

Hotel Sointu
Address: Asema-auokio, Keskusta
Hotel Sointu is a new hotel built on the premises of the former Scandic. The location in Soinnu is most excellent, about 100 meters from the train station. It is about a 10-minute drive from Soinnu to business areas.

for leisure travelers

Party venues in Järvenpää where we have taken customers:

Club house
Address: Kartanontie 20, Pajala

Härmä's wheel
Address: Vähäjärvenkatu 1, Vanhankylänniemi

Events in Järvenpää

Aino Areena
Address: Maamiehenkatu 14, Lepola

Park blues
Address: Vanhankylänniemi
Järvenpää's Puistoblues is Finland's largest festival organized by talkative forces, which offers a hearty dose of rootsy music at the turn of June and July.

Järvenpää Soi
Address: Rantapuisto
The three-day city festival takes place in Järvenpää beach park at the beginning of August. The performance has a strong coverage of Finland's star artists.

Sightseeing destinations:

Ainola - Aino and Jean Sibelius' home
Address: Ainolankatu 1

Ahola - the home of Juhani Aho and Venny Solda-Brofeldt
Address: Sibeliusväylä 57

Villa Kokkonen
Address: Tuulimyllintie 5, Vanhankylänniemi

Summer beach
Address: Suvirannakatu 5
Suviranta is the artist home of Eero and Saimi Järnefelt.

Rock Kingfish
Address: Ristinummentie 6
As the music center of the Sibelius Academy since 1987.

Other things to see

Address: Helsingintie 41, Pajala
In 2019, Järvenpää's Citymarket was chosen as the best store in the world. Citymarket is known for e.g. From their sushi.

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