Pleasant Taxi and Chauffeur Service in Hyvinkää

Taxi and representative driving services in Hyvinkää

Pre-order high-quality ride

Why choose VM Limo?

  • When ordering in advance, you can always count on punctual and safe transport.

  • Our high-quality vehicles have been selected listening to your wishes. We have paid particular attention to travel comfort.

  • Professional drivers, our drivers also have experience in various representative chauffeur tasks.

  • We are a completely domestic operator. We take care of our responsibility and our operations are properly insured.

  • Pre-ordering is convenient through our browser-based ordering platform or with the VM Limo mobile application.

  • Transparent pricing. The order platform gives you a fixed price for your ride, which does not change based on the time of day or congestion.

  • Above all, you are assured of a quality ride

  • If the representation class vehicles are reserved for another transport, if possible, we will try to arrange a replacement vehicle through our partners. Traditionally, the replacement vehicle is a neat business-class vehicle such as the Mercedes E-series or the fully electric EQS.

  • We operate with a limited number of cars, and we do not have the capacity to handle acute transport needs.

  • We don't have a 24/7 on-call in Hyvinkää, so internal transport needs can be challenging to organize.

bmw 7 series representation sedan
BMW 7 Series passenger compartment

Premium taxi services for those who want comfort in Hyvinkää

We are a modern taxi service based on pre-orders. Our operations in Hyvinkää are focused on airport transfers and trips to the Helsinki metropolitan area. We invest in making traveling as easy as possible for you. In addition to punctuality, investing in travel comfort is at the center of our operations. Professional drivers with executive-class vehicles ensure that you travel comfortably and safely, both in everyday life and at parties.

Stylish Chauffeur Services

Our cars are perfectly suited for various representative driving needs, such as wedding cars, transporting important guests or delegations. Our cars can be booked from 2 hours onwards, even for several days.

pre-order at 5 o'clock

About pre-orders

Especially the early morning rides should be ordered well in advance, at the latest by 20:00 the night before, in order to ensure the availability of the vehicle at the required time.

If the need for transportation is less than 4 hours away, please always call +358 50 477 3777, if we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible.

To place an order, we recommend the order platform. The order is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation message from the driver by phone.


Note! The region-specific prices are indicative. You can get the exact address-specific price when placing an order.

Hyvinkää - Airport

95 - 135 € / one way

  • Kalteva 95 to 105€
  • Centrum 115 - 125€
  • Sveitsi 115 - 125€

Hyvinkää - Helsinki

130 - 140 € / one way

  • Kalteva - Helsinki 130-135€
  • Centrum - Helsinki €135-145
  • Sveitsi - Helsinki 130-140€

To the airport

The distance to the airport is about 50 km and it would be good to reserve 40-50 minutes.

Regional transport prices to the airport:

    • From Ahdenkallio 123€
    • From Hakala 113€
    • From Hirvijärvi 155€
    • From Kalteva 98€
    • From Kaukas 101€
    • From Kytäjä 123€
    • From Noppo 105€
    • From Monni 130€
    • Mustamännistö 122€
    • From Myllykylä 107€
    • From Palopuro 99€
    • From Puolimatka 115€
    • From Ridasjärvi 117€
    • Near the hospital 115€
    • From Solttila 112€
    • From Talvisilta 113€
    • From Usmi 119€
    • From Vaivero 123€
    • From Viertola 117€
    • From Vieremä 117€
    • from Willa area 119€

to the center of Helsinki

The distance to the center of Helsinki is about 50 km and you should reserve about 60 minutes for the trip.

Regional transport prices to the center of Helsinki:

    • From Ahdenkallio 145€
    • From Hakala 132€
    • From Hirvijärvi 170€
    • From Kalteva 133€
    • From Kaukas 139€
    • From Kytäjä 142€
    • From Noppo 125€
    • From Monni 149€
    • Mustamännistö 142€
    • From Myllykylä 143€
    • From Palopuro 138€
    • From Puolimatka 133€
    • From Ridasjärvi 152€
    • Near the hospital 135€
    • From Solttila 131€
    • From Talvisilta 132€
    • From Usmi 138€
    • From Vaivero 142€
    • From Viertola 137€
    • From Vieremä 136€
    • from Willa area 139€

Price examples

Transportation prices from the city center:

  • to Helsinki
    • To the center 136€
    • To Pasila (to the station or Messukeskus) 124€
    • To the West Terminal 153€
    • Katajanokka 147€
    • To the Olympic terminal 149€
  • Espoo
    • Leppävaara 124€
    • Keilaniemi 136€
    • Jorvi Hospital 130€
  • Vantaa
    • Tikkurila 117€
    • To the airport 117€
  • Central Uusimaa
    • To Järvenpää 75€
    • Hyrylä 86€
    • To Mäntsälä 83€
    • To Nurmijärvi
      • To Kirkonkylä 75€

Whether you are representing a company on a business trip or yourself on your way to an important event, we welcome you to enjoy our services!

Are you on your way to Hyvinkää?

For the people of Hyvinkää

Especially in the taxi lines at the airport, finding the right transport can be frustrating from time to time, at the end of a long working day, you wouldn't be able to draw lots and compare whose ride you dare to hop on. By ordering ride through us, you get guaranteed quality chauffeur service and get home safely.

People who visit for work

Companies that are commonly visited:

Kone Industrial Oy
Address: Hissikatu 3

Hankkija Oy
Address: Peltokuomolantie 4

Konecranes Finland Oy
Address: Koneenkatu 8

Ahlsell Oy head office
Address: Kallionopontie 1

Tibnor Oy
Address: Niinistönkatu 7


Hotel Switzerland
Address: Härkävehmaankatu 4

Scandic Hyvinkää
Address: Hämeenkatu 2-4

for leisure travelers

General party places:

Kytäjä Party Hall
Address: Maapässintie 108, Kytäjä

Knehtilä estate / Old Barn
Address: Haapasaarentie 75

Wine room
Address: Maapässintie 108

Solttila Maja
Address: Korpiharjuntie 241

Scavenger's house
Address: Vaiveronkatu 24

Events in Hyvinkää

Hyvinkää Hall
Address: Kauppatori 1

Red Carpet
Several different cinemas in the center of Hyvinkää are the venues for Red Carpet festivals, a concert in the premises of the Wool Factory, other venues are shopping center Willa, Hyvinkää Church, cultural terrace and Hotel Sveitsi.

Woolen factory
Address: Kankurinkatu 4-6

Address: Hyvinkää airport

Hyvinkää Soi
Address: Kankurinkatu 4-6

Good luck logo

Hyvinkää Tahko

With a small contribution, we are participating in supporting Hyvinkää Tahko's activities as part of Pihkala Klub in the 2023 season. See you at the matches in the summer!

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