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We offer a representative transportation service for companies with two environmentally friendly luxury cars and a cooperation network with business-level cars and minivans. The main areas of business services are transportation of business guests from, for example, a hotel or airport to the office and back, transportation of company representatives to customer meetings, and frequent transportation of staff to, for example, the airport. Reliability is key to our service. You always have a high-quality business or luxury class vehicle at your disposal to guarantee your travel comfort. By choosing us, you can be sure that you will receive a professional transport service. All company transports can also be invoiced separately.

Transportation of business guests

For customers who visit the company, the last thing they remember from the meeting is going home. Usually, a taxi is called from the company's depot to the customer through public taxi centers, where the quality can vary significantly from time to time. We have to offer you a luxury car with a professional driver to take care of the guests' return journey. A high-quality organized return transport service is a kind of business card for you too. Show customers that you care about them and want to get things done as well as possible.

Transportation of company representatives

Are you a company representative who has important representative meetings with company partners? It's more comfortable to pick up an important customer from the trip with a high-quality vehicle and continue from there to a business meeting with the customer. That way you get a good start for the upcoming day. During the trip, you will be able to go over future plans at your leisure. And at the end of a successful representation task, it is good to continue with a first-class transport service, so that the customer will have a good taste of the negotiation and your day will be crowned with a transport service experience based on luxury.

Repeated transport of staff

We can also help with frequent staff transports, for example to the airport. If you wish, we will also take care of your staff's return transportation from the airport, so that your staff avoids extra hassle in the airport's general taxi queues and you can always get home safely with Takuu at the end of your business trip.

Small goods transport

We also handle acute small goods transports precisely from Central Uustelmaa all over Finland. If we don't do it ourselves, we have an extensive cooperation network to handle acute small package transports all over Finland.

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